Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Step 1

While my family and I were leisurely wandering through the aisles in an open-air market on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i, my Lindbergh Eagles won their first playoff game, easily defeating Bancroft, a team from another league. Leslie and I are both off-track this month, the first time our schedules have matched up in four years, so we planned this Hawaiian vacation several months ago. Initially, I was a bit worried when the basketball schedule came out and I saw that the playoffs would start while we were gone, but I soon realized that our team would be good enough to skate through the opening rounds. My two assistants guided the team, and the win came easily.

According to the report I got from my assistant, we dominated. She had scouted Bancroft on Monday night and saw that they had only one player who was a threat. In Tuesday's practice she wisely installed a box-and-one, which proved effective. They applied full court man pressure throughout the first half and led at the break thirtysomething to seven, and that was about it. Everyone got to play, and now we move on to the Final Four, where we'll likely play Stanford (named after Leland Sr., not Jr.) in the first week of January.

As for me, our vacation continues. We'll likely head out to Volcanoes National Park tomorrow, then spend some more beach time before heading over to Oahu to spend the holidays with family. I'll post more when we get back to the mainland. Until then, Aloha!